standard-title Philosophy


“Compassionate Support, Nurturing Hope, Empowering Lives”

Charlotte S. Tang, Ph.D.


I have great passion to walk with others through difficult times in life. I believe that everyone in the world needs to be heard, understood, experience guidance and companionship. When a person’s needs are unmet, life often feels unfulfilled, stagnant and hopeless.

We all are faced with the prospect of changes throughout our lifetimes. Some changes exert minor influence while other changes impact us a great deal. Life events such as marriage, the birthing of a child, the challenges and joys of an intimate relationship, childrearing, break ups, divorce, loss of a loved one, trauma, sickness and death may elicit a wide range of emotional responses. During such times, the compassionate companionship from a sensitive guide can enable us to face moments of hardships and understand them as opportunities for growth, leading one to feel a renewed sense of hopefulness and actively re-engage with life once more. We all have strengths in different areas of life and can benefit from a helping hand in our most trying moments.

I believe that everyone has a right to find their most comfortable way to live in the world and to relate to others in meaningful ways no matter how old they are or how many limitations they may have. I hope to walk with others in their pain and heal their wounds by combining both my internal qualities of attunement and compassion with my external qualities of knowledge and expertise.

I treasure every opportunity to work alongside my clients. They enrich and honor my work by allowing me to bear witness to their personal testimonies of strength, courage and endurance. 


“Charlotte Tang, Ph.D. is kind, sensitive, caring, intelligent and theoretically grounded. She has all the attributes one would want in a therapist!”

Alisa S. Burgess, Ph.D. 
Psychologist and Author of, 
“How To Grow A Second Skin For Your Soul” (Oaklea Press, 2002).